What you should note when Hiring Contract Workers

Attract the Best Contact Talents

In recent years we have seen a rise in the number of contract workers within the pool of employed talents. More and more of us have become comfortable with the concept of forgoing traditional 9-5 jobs and working on a contractual basis.

Hiring contract workers clearly has its perks. They cost less, as you only pay them for the work they actually do for you and therefore more cost efficient as no money is wasted on staff downtime. They also get more work done within their flexible schedule; most contract workers have the liberty of deciding how many hours they work on projects.

Hiring contract workers is more cost efficient if you can find the right talents. Here are three things to note that will help your company to attract the best contact talents:

Implement proper classification of employees

Depending on the terms of arrangements with each independent contract worker you hire, such as number of hours worked, management reporting structure, payment schedule etc., you may find yourself in the unfortunate position of going to court all because of employee misclassification regardless of whether it was intentional or not.
Contract Workers are often not entitled to certain legal protections and benefits that permanent employees in your company are, and with the rising numbers of them, the government is increasingly on an active lookout to make sure their compensation and benefits are not compromised.

Ensure you have established a proper pay process & schedule

There are numerous ways your company can sort payroll for contract workers. However it is not right to assume that the current method you use to pay existing employees in your company will sync with the preferred methods of contract workers you are looking to hire. Make sure to discuss and come to a consensus about the payment schedule and basis of payment be it by project or by hour.

Build a trust system or one that can monitor working hours

It is not easy to build a trusting relationship with an employee, let alone one that is expected to be there for only a short period of time. Especially if your contract workers are paid by hour, you can’t exactly gauge whether they follow through with the work, 100% of the time. Using a mobile roster management application may benefit you in this case by minimizing the possibility of an empty shift that arise from absenteeism of short notice workers. Other employees who are available can simply be notified of an open shift and take over.

With proper management system and policies in place, hiring contract workers may also serve as a great alternative method for employers to gauge if candidates deliver up to expectations once they are on the job. Thereon, employers can make informed employment decisions and improve the overall quality of the company workforce.

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