OpensoftHR is dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions and customer support to meet customers’ diverse HR tech requirements. We owe our success to the support of our customers. Below are just a few of the many testimonials from our clients.

Time and Attendance Reduces Paperwork

The system tracks useful information like staff lateness, overtime, allowances etc. We uploaded this information into the Opensoft Payroll Software to calculate staff salary. It greatly helped reduce paperwork and eliminate potential human errors. The system is user-friendly. It takes minutes to produce the report of every employee’s lateness, OT, and especially irregular working hours and shift schedules with consistent, accurate and automatic calculations. The system’s greatest benefits for our company is accurate and timely employee management. As a client, I feel comfortable recommending their (OpensoftHR) services. Their customer service officers are friendly, patient… and provided assistance immediately on any questions. We are very pleased with the quality and service provided from Opensoft Pte Ltd.

Christine, Account Executive
Emtech Wellness International Pte Ltd

Time and Attendance System

My company is one of the largest waste paper collector and export specialist. We need to have full control over >60 employees’ attendance and overtime clocking data authenticity. The VIRDI System and Time Control Module facilitates the computation of our employees’ overtime allowance… reduces time taken to manually calculate overtime hours and human errors (are) avoided. We received very strong IT support from the vendor IT Infinity Pte Ltd. During implementation of the Time Attendance System, there is no downtime and my company’s operation was not affected at all.

Ms. Tan, Director
Likok Paper Trading Pte Ltd

Automate Payroll with Time Attendance

We had installed one unit of the time attendance system and was connected with the payroll system. We find the time attendance system very useful and easy to use as it reduces the workload and save time in calculating lateness and overtime. The system also allows to view or generate the daily attendance report and overtime report at any time.

Ms. Ong, Administrator
Tex-Star Engineering Pte Ltd

Reliable Support & Service

Opensoft has a proven track record providing support to SMEs and MNCs for over 15 years. We have chosen Opensoft based on their proven track record implementing and upgrading all versions of our software across many different industries.

Lily Wee, Finance Manager
Owl International Pte Ltd

Biometric Time Attendance

Time Attendance System is very useful for our company. It has saved me so much time. Even with 80 pax staff I can check staff attendance any time in a very easy way and allows me to see an accurate timing of the attendance. The system has help to increase productivity and I can fulfil the worker payroll within one day. Their (IT Infinity Pte Ltd) customer service is great. Friendly and patience to assist us in the Opensoft software. We strongly recommend IT Infinity for Time Attendance System because of their immense knowledge and excellent implementation experience.

Ms. Koh, Account Manager
Steeltech Industries Pte Ltd

Great On-Site Support

Through recommendation, we purchased from Opensoft. We are very comfortable with the services provided by their staff. Their IT specialists implemented our system smoothly, in accordance to our users’ requirements. They are very approachable, committed and dedicated in their work.

Ms. Woo, Director
Sanwah Construction Pte Ltd

Eliminate Redundant Tasks

OpensoftHR has enabled me to minimise time spent on Paperwork and eliminate redundant Data Entry & Processes. The solution is user friendly, easy to learn and manage as a first-time user. We are satisfied with the services received from the support team, who are dedicated to successful implementation of OpensoftHR applications in my company’s HR operations.

Pei Wen, Customer Support
The Alley Holdings Pte Ltd

Built in with Comprehensive Tools

With a well designed platform interface that is Intuitive, simple and effective to use, I am able to Complete HR Tasks such as Salary payouts efficiently on time and with minimal errors. OpensoftHR Overview OpensoftHR applications are built in with comprehensive functions to suit my company’s HR policy requirements

Hsia Hui, Paddling Seventy Six Pte Ltd
Number 76

Fully functional HR Platform

The Opensoft team has gone above and beyond in their customer service, providing us with user guides, tutorials, and endless help every step of the way. OpensoftHR is a super sleek, user-friendly platform that is ideal for organising and streamlining HR data! We’ve been using it primarily to do payroll, e-Leave, time attendance, and it’s proven to be an extremely effective tool. There are way more HR functions to take advantage of as well.

Catering Solutions Pte Ltd

Minimise Human Errors

With OpensoftHR, my company’s leave, claim and time and attendance. management are now synced to my payroll. This means that any No-pay leave, claims and OT hours will automatically be synced and updated onto the payroll system. This has helped save so much time and minimised all sorts of human errors that occur if the tasks are done manually.

In addition to this, the OpensoftHR Support team in general is knowledgeable about the software and is able to assist me and solve my issues whenever I reach out for help.

Ms Amily, Accounts
Gold Plus Construction Pte Ltd

Ease of Compliance

We love the team from OpensoftHR who are knowledgeable on their product and able to solve problems quickly and effectively. Most importantly, their frequent updates to incorporate the latest MOM/IRAS Regulations helps ensure we are compliant at all times!

Angelia, Customer Support
Juan Kuang Pte Ltd

Robust Automated Reports

I run a F&B Ecommerce Business and hence a good clock in clock out system is necessary. OpensoftHR’s time and attendance system is well suited to my business’ needs. I like that I can log into the OpensoftHR portal anytime to see the exact time our staff has clocked in and out. The automated reports that I can easily generate from the system are really useful too.

Kelvin Ong, Director
Mom’s Cooking Pte Ltd

Reliable and Secure

I have found the system to be highly reliable and secure. The user interface and automated functions have saved us a lot of time and allowed us to focus on other tasks.

Ms Vinnie, HR Manager
Dragon Offshore Engineering Pte Ltd

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