Our Story

OpensoftHR is the HRMS arm under IT Infinity, which has been operating for more than 30 years.

OpensoftHR provides HRMS solutions (payroll software, e-leave, expense claim management, time attendance, performance appraisal and more) and HR tools for effective workforce development.

The OpensoftHR website portal delivers the latest news and updates to empower HR practitioners.

In the mid 2010s, there was a greater need for a solid HRMS product that is highly secure, efficient and easy to use. The HRMS software also needs to be able to adapt quickly to the technology advancements that we are all experiencing together. Hence, we decided to create OpensoftHR. We are proud to say that around three thousand companies are now using OpensoftHR Products.

We highly prioritise a great user experience and great customer service and hence, our R&D and Customer Support team members are all in-house. This ensures that there is an ease of communication both externally and internally, which leads to a domino effect in creating a pleasant experience for both our colleagues and our clients.

Our Values

Always Transparent

We value transparency in all that we do. That means there are no hidden costs in our pricing and no hidden modules that we will only update you about after you have signed up. Our platform is easy to use, safe and secure, and helps you take your mind off all the HR paperwork and focus more on your HR Strategy and maintaining a great working environment instead. We aim to contribute to a better relationship between management and employee, and to make the workplace a place that everyone in your company looks forward to going to everyday.


At Opensoft, we are always up to date with the latest industry trends. We always looking to improve and are open to all feedback.The ability to act, innovate and execute will be critical and will divide those organisations that are thriving, from those that are merely surviving.

Safety and Security

We set ourselves apart by making security our top priority. Industry Security Experts have vetted our software and we also have an in-house security team that is dedicated to maintaining the security and safety of the software and our customers’ data.

Our Brand Colours

Turquoise: Represents Openness

The “Open” in OpensoftHR represents Transparency. At OpensoftHR, we highly value transparency and we are always open to feedback on how the user experience of the Opensofthr products can be improved,, whether it is discourse between departments or customer feedback. You can also be assured that we will never hide anything when it comes to pricing, product features and more, from you.

Mustard: Represents Warmth

As humans, we all value warmth and connection, everywhere we go, including the workplace. At OpensoftHR, we recognise the importance of good customer service. We have a proven track record in having great after sales service and customer support and we take measures to ensure that the entire aftersales, onboarding process, and customer support is a pleasant experience for you.