Striking Work-Life Balance beyond the Glass Ceiling

It is often a rare sight that we see women in powerful roles like that of being the Chief Executive Officer(CEO), or on the advisory...

What’s new: AIS-API Service for IRAS Income Tax Submission

Under the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS), it is compulsory for businesses with 5 or more employees or who have received the "Notice to File Employment...
payroll and leave

Payroll and eLeave special offer

Payroll & eLeave software for Singapore SME Without a doubt, companies not using payroll or leave management software are incurring a higher administrative cost than...

A Partnership between Humans and Robots

We can't deny that technology has completely changed the way we live and work. Over the years we have seen a proliferation of Digital Platforms with the...

Petty Cash 101

Despite its name having been derived from the french word ‘petit’, translated ‘small’ in english, Petty Cash serves great importance in all businesses for day to day expenses encountered by its employees.

Infusing Humanity into Human Resources

This video "Putting the human back into human resources" was presented by Mary Schaefer, a HR consultant whose clients include Fortune 500 companies. Mary...

Turning the Hate-Hate relationship between Employees and HR around

You almost never hear any employee exclaim: ‘ I love HR and what they do for us!’. It’s hard to appreciate HR when the...

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