OpensoftHR eLeave

Secure, Paperless Leave-Processing Software.
Time-efficient and Ease of use for anyone in your company. 14-day free trial available.

Benefits of using OpensoftHR Leave

Employees can apply/cancel leave and check on approval anywhere, anytime.

Ease of generating Management Reports such as ‘Leave by Month’ or ‘Year-to-date Summary’.

 All leaves are marked in a Leave Calendar, providing useful insights to minimize potential manpower shortages.

Unconsumed leave can be carried forward (whether in full or partially) to your next calendar year.

Easy setup of your company’s policy, rules and methods of computing leave types.

Get instantly notified when an employee applies for leave.

All backups can be kept for an unlimited period of time as required.

Birthday Leave? No problem! Opensoft e-Leave allows you to customise all aspects of any leave type.

Seamless Synchronisation of Data across Modules

Knowing everyones’ leaves reduces unforeseeable circustances and hence increases productivity.

Successfully apply for leave in just 3 steps!

Step 1: Click on ‘My Leaves’ in the Navigation bar, and then click on ‘Apply Leave’.

Step 1

Step 2: Choose your leave dates, fill in some quick details and then click ‘Submit for Approval’.

Step 2

Step 3: Your leave dates are confirmed and will show on your dashboard once your team leader approves!

Step 3

Other Key Features

Full visibility of your whole team

Clear overview of all your colleagues’ leave activity in OpensoftHR’s calendar, to minimise any sudden surprises.

Be informed of each other’s birthdays

No more forgetting birthdays!

Payroll Processing

OpensoftHR eLeave software can be integrated seamlessly with our other solutions. This helps ensure that payroll processing is fully automated.

Know who is not around

Everyone deserves their rest days.

Document Proof Submission

Employees can submit their relevant document proofs to support their leave requests directly on the OpensoftHR eLeave portal. This is common for medical and hospitalisation leaves.

Free 14 Day Trial

Want to get a feel of the software before purchasing? Sign up to get a FREE 14 Day Trial on OpensoftHR Starter E-Leave. (no credit card details required)

OpensoftHR Starter E-Leave is dedicated to small business owners looking to empower employees’ self-service and better manage their workforce.


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