Optimize Your Company’s Leave Management Process with OpensoftHR’s Leave Customization Features

Effective Leave management is a critical aspect of human resource operations, profoundly influencing employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall organizational performance. 

In today’s dynamic work environment, traditional one-size-fits-all leave policies often prove inadequate in meeting the diverse needs of modern workplaces. This is where leave customization steps in, streamlining HR processes by offering tailored solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each business.

Understanding Leave Customization

Leave customization goes beyond the limitations of conventional leave policies, providing businesses with the flexibility to adapt leave management to their specific needs. It encompasses a spectrum of customizable features that enable organizations to define and manage various types of leave, configure leave settings, and establish personalized leave policies.

Benefits of Leave Customization

Tailored eLeave Solutions

OpensoftHR’s customizable leave management solutions empower businesses to align leave policies with their organizational culture and operational requirements, fostering a more efficient and employee-friendly work environment.

Enhanced Employee Leave Flexibility

By allowing the configuration of leave types, entitlements, accrual rates, and carryover limits, businesses can accommodate diverse employee needs and preferences, promoting work-life balance and employee well-being.

Streamlined HR and eLeave Processes

Customizable approval workflows enable organizations to establish efficient leave approval hierarchies, ensuring timely processing of leave requests while maintaining accountability and compliance.

Personalized Employee Experience

OpensoftHR’s staff grouping feature enables businesses to create distinct leave policies for different groups of employees, providing personalized leave allowances and entitlements based on roles, departments, or employment status.

6 Ways How OpensoftHR Addresses Leave Customization

OpensoftHR’s leave management module offers a comprehensive suite of customizable features designed to streamline leave administration and enhance HR efficiency. 

Let’s delve into six key leave customization features provided by OpensoftHR:

1. Flexible Leave Types

Image: Flexible leave types – Various tabs in the leave configuration settings in OpensoftHR eLeave Portal

Define and manage various types of leave to cater to the diverse needs of employees. With OpensoftHR, HR administrators can easily customize leave settings to suit their company best.

Here is a list of what can be customised: 1. Leave Type, 2. Configuration of each leave type, 3. Leave Computation (to be synced with Payroll), 4. Leave Notice Period, 6. Leave Eligibility, 7. Leave Entitlement for each employee, 8. Leave Proration

2. Customizable Leave Policies

OpensoftHR allows for the customization of accrual rates, carryover limits, and approval workflows. Create rules and policies tailored to the organization’s requirements, ensuring compliance and consistency across the board. 

An example of a customizable leave policy you can implement is Staff Grouping, which can easily be updated on the OpensoftHR Platform.

i. Staff Grouping

Assign different leave policies to distinct groups of employees, allowing for personalised leave allowances and entitlements based on specific criteria.

Manage leave policy
Image: Multiple staff groups in a company

If you have more than one leave policy in your company, the OpensoftHR ‘Manage Leave Policy’ feature allows you to cater different leave policies for different groups of employees.

Once you have set up the various leave policies for different staff groups, you can then assign the staff group to each employee.

Image: Assigning staff group to each employee in the OpensoftHR eLeave Portal’s Admin View, under ‘Workforce Management –> Employment’

ii. Personalized Leave Entitlement

Reward employees with more leave days based on their tenure. OpensoftHR enables the customization of leave days settings for each employee, promoting employee retention and satisfaction.

Image: Incremental eLeave entitlement settings in the OpensoftHR eLeave Portal

For example, you can set the annual leave allocated to the employee’s first 3 months as zero, and then the first year as 7 days, the 2nd year as 14 days, and then subsequent years as 15 days (for the 2nd year), 16 days (for the 3rd year) and so on. You can also set a limit to the number of days each employee is entitled to. For example, if an employee has worked in your company for 20 years, instead of giving them 14+19 days of leave, you can configure the system to give a maximum of 20 days a year, so once the employee has passed 6 years of working in your company, they would have reached the limited amount of leave days each year and will continue to get the same amount of leave days for subsequent years.

3. Setting Up Different eLeave Accrual Rates

Configure leave accrual rates based on organizational preferences and employee entitlements, ensuring accurate and fair distribution of leave benefits.

Image: Distribution Method Dropdown that allows you to customise the Leave Accrual Method for each Leave type

When it comes to the Leave Distribution method of your Leave Accrual Rates, you can choose between a few options on the OpensoftHR Platform. Under ‘Leave Type Settings → Computation’, go to the Distribution Method Dropdown and select from the 3 following Options:

i. Entitlement Upfront

Leave entitlement given at beginning of year either by full year or half year.

ii. Equal Distribution

The leave entitlement will be equally computed for 12 months.

iii. Entitlement Accrued

This  means that employee is entitled to annual leave on their entitlement date. Until that time an employee is simply accruing leave.

4. Set Carry Over Annual Leave Limits

Define maximum carryover limits for accrued leave, allowing organizations to maintain leave balances effectively while supporting employees in managing their time off.

Image: Function to Carry Forward Annual Leave in the OpensoftHR eLeave Portal

This feature enables organizations to maintain leave balances, prevent excessive accruals, and support employees in managing their time off effectively.

In the OpensoftHR System, you can easily configure the maximum carry over limit each of your employees can bring over to the following year. You can even set a deadline on when the carry over leaves should be used up.

For example, in OpensoftHR, support staff are allowed to use up their carry over leave by June the following year. This is because our peak period when the support staff will be extremely busy is usually in January to March every year. However, for non-support staff, they are required to use up their leave by February the following year. All this configurations have already been set up in our system, so any unused leave will automatically be removed once the deadline for the carry over leave has passed.

5. Option to Choose Approval Workflows

Customize approval workflows to suit organizational hierarchy and preferences, ensuring timely processing of leave requests while maintaining accountability and compliance.

Image: eLeave Approval Workflow Settings

In the OpensoftHR Leave Management System, you have the option of selecting between 1 level workflow, where only 1 person has to approve (with the option of being able to notify another supervisor or even your team) or 2 levels workflow (with the option of having Person 1 [Eg the Supervisor] approve the leave first followed by Person 2 [Eg the HOD]). 


In today’s evolving business landscape, the ability to customize leave management is essential for businesses seeking to enhance HR efficiency, boost employee satisfaction, and drive organizational success. 

OpensoftHR’s customizable leave management features empower businesses to optimize leave administration, enhance HR efficiency, and foster a culture of flexibility and employee well-being. Contact us today for a non-obligatory demo to discover how OpensoftHR can revolutionize your leave management processes and drive organizational success.