OpensoftHR Employee Self Service

Is your HR department busy handling small and distracting tasks such as:

  • updating the employee’s particulars
  • sourcing for payslips
  • helping employees to apply for leave
  • helping employees to cancel leaves
  • and many other routine tasks

OpensoftHR Employee Self Service software can improve the productivity of your human resource team.

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How OpensoftHR Self Service helps HR make better use of their time?

OpensoftHR’s Employee Self Service (ESS) can handle all of the above tasks for the HR department, so HR can spend more time on more important tasks (such as talent retention, training, recruitment, growing your business) instead of being bogged down by administrative matters.

OpensoftHR ESS enables your employees to self service on payroll, leave, claims matters, particulars updating. It improves HR management for companies.

It also empowers employees with quicker access to information that pertains to their personal needs. At the same time, the Opensoft ESS ensures better privacy in terms of how personal information is being handled in your organisation.

Here’s why you will love OpensoftHR Employee Self Service

Image: OpensoftHR Starter Self Service 'Personal Details' page

Any employee can easily update personal details

Whenever personal particulars change (such as marital status, home address, etc), the employee can immediately update their personal details and submit document proof through the ESS.

Download auto-generated reports
Image: OpensoftHR Starter Self Service 'Generated Reports' page

Access auto-generated analytics and reports

All information collected by the Employee Self Service portal is securely stored and backed up, enabling company management to retrieve analytics and reports pertaining to the status of their human resources. Such reports provide insights for management to effectively carry out re-organization.

Track leaves easily
Image: OpensoftHR Starter Self Service 'Employee Leave Overview' page

Track leave and claims anytime, anywhere

Upon submitting leave application or an expense claim through the ESS portal, the employee can easily track the status and receive notifications.

Retrieve payslip anytime

Anyone in your company can easily retrieve their own payslips company-generated IR8A forms, and many other payroll-related items from the OpensoftHR platform. This helps reduce the time that the HR admin spends helping employees source for their payslips.

Make company announcements efficiently

Have an announcement, document, policy etc that you need to share with your employees, preferably without much hassle?

Watch the video below to see how the ‘Company Document(s)’ dashboard feature on the OpensoftHR Starter platform helps you reduce all the unwanted back and forth with your employees.

Easily access from your mobile device’s app screen

Designed for use on any mobile device, simply open your main browser and type in the address bar:

Follow the steps in the video below to add OpensoftHR Starter platform on your mobile app screen with ease.

PSG Grant

OpensoftHR Employee Self Service is one of the software under the OpensoftHR Solution Package which has been pre-approved for PSG grant (Productivity Solutions Grant).

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