Opensoft Products

OpensoftHR is a complete HR software package that simplifies SME businesses’ HR management tasks, such as leave management, time and attendance tracking, expense claims management, rostering, performance appraisals, and self service for employees. Using OpensoftHR, small businesses can easily streamline their administrative processes and reduce overheads through improved HR operations.

leave software


Online leave management system that is totally automated and paperless!

claims software


Expenses and claims management made easy!

attendance software

E-Time & Attendance

Biometric fingerprint technology. Eliminates employee time theft.

roster software


A smart way to plan rosters and schedule employees.

appraisal software

E-Performance Appraisal

 Staff assessment and career planning software.

Employee e-Self Service

Employee e-Self Service

Indispensable solution for effective HR management.

hr software

Employee Management

Employee particulars and data management solution.