No more AIS Offline Applications submissions from YA 2023

IRAS has announced that the AIS Offline Applications (including the Validation & Submission Java Application) will be decommissioned by calendar year 2023. From year of assessment 2023 onwards, companies must use a modern payroll software that supports direct AIS submissions to IRAS.

If you are still using the AIS Offline Applications (including the Validation & Submission Java Application), then it is necessary that you start looking into adopting payroll solutions that incorporate the new (and only!) method of submitting tax forms to IRAS – API (CorpPass) Submission from IRAS YA 2023 onwards.

How API (CorpPass) Submission works?

An API is essentially a software intermediary that enables interaction of information data between two applications. Think of it as a regulated bridge that facilitates transportation from one place to another.

How it works is that the API acts as the interface that delivers data from the application you use (eg. your payroll software) to the main system (in this case it is the IRAS server) it needs to go, all through the Internet securely. It then receives the main system’s response to your request and delivers this back to the application you are using. Throughout the process, APIs allow for the interaction between the application you are using, and the main system you need to connect to.

No longer do we have to deal with difficult integrations from point-to-point when connecting together enterprise solutions, which often take up a ton of time and resources to maintain. Not to mention, there isn’t always a guarantee of complete accuracy of information.

Benefits of API (CorpPass) Submission

For one, users gain much more convenience with the ability to get on various applications with just one login ID or access point. In the case of IRAS submission, businesses who employ Payroll Software with an API feature will be able to submit IRAS forms without ever having to leave the Payroll Software itself.

Should you already be utilising a payroll software, do check with your solution provider on whether they have the CorpPass (API) submission method made available for use.

Grants for Modern Payroll Solution

Thanks to grants such as PSG (Productivity Solutions Grant), companies can now switch to modern payroll software with built-in AIS submissions at a very affordable cost.

On top of this, a modern payroll solution comes with powerful capabilities that speed up payroll processing. For example, salary components such as leave, expense claims, performance appraisal bonuses, etc, will be automatically computed and complied into payslips. Packaged solutions such as Opensoft HRMS (also known as OpensoftHR) is a comprehensive package of 7 software that empower companies to automate their human resource processes:

  1. System Manager
  2. Payroll Software
  3. E-Leave
  4. E-Claim
  5. E-Roster
  6. Employee Self Service
  7. E-Performance Appraisal

Migrate As Early As Possible

Companies are advised to make the payroll software switch as early as possible to avoid a last-minute crunch on grant applications. Furthermore, data migration takes time, and the earlier the migration is completed, the more time there is for your payroll department to be familiarised with the new payroll system.

Talk to us to find out how you can seamlessly upgrade your payroll software to the new and powerful OpensoftHR platform.