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Online Leave Management System for SME. Secure , Paperless Leave Processing 24×7.

Opensoft eLeave is an online leave management software developed specifically for SME. The eLeave software enables companies to speed up leave processing and being paperless also helps companies to reduce overheads related to leave processing. With eLeave, employees will apply for leave electronically using any Internet-connected device (computer, tablet or smartphone) via the web browser. Leave applications are then forwarded electronically to the respective approving officers. With the entire leave processing being electronic, eLeave is convenient, secure and instant for everybody in the company.

Opensoft eLeave software


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Secure eLeave Portal

As part of eLeave implementation, we will setup an eLeave Portal customised to your organisation’s leave policy.

  • The eLeave portal is a secure website;
  • Employees have access 24×7 to perform all types of leave transactions – submitting new leave requests, edit or cancel existing requests, check leave history, view leave balance, etc;
  • Approving officers and managerial staff can access department leave calendar information before approve or reject leave applications;
  • Remote access to the portal for all employees 24×7.

Alerts & Notifications

Email notifications are sent to the parties involved in a leave transaction. Approving officers are notified of incoming leave requests, while the applicants are notified about the status of their leave requests. Electronic notifications ensures that relevant parties are kept informed promptly, avoiding miscommunication between the staff and his/her department head.

eLeave is Paperless

All leave transactions are done online via the eLeave Portal.

  • There is no form to print, no papers to fill in, no paperwork to file.
  • Leave requests are routed to approving officers for verification, and they will also approve or deny all the leave requests online.
  • Companies eliminate unnecessary expenses related to leave processing (stationery, printing, filing costs, etc).
Opensoft eLeave online leave management portal

Configurable Leave Types

Each company has its own policy, rules, and methods of computing and issuing leave types. Here are some of the many possible configurations that Opensoft eLeave can support:

  • Colour code for each leave type;
  • Rules for computing carry-forward leave accurals;
  • Leave entititlement for different hierarchy of employees;
  • Expiration of leave types;
  • List of holidays, company declared off days etc.

Document Proof Submission

Opensoft eLeave provides a way for employees to submit relevant document proofs to support their leave requests. This is common for medical and hospitalisation leaves, where employees are required to upload medical certificates to validate their leave application. Even for cases such as Exams Leave, employees can submit documents to justify their leave requests. Documents are stored digitally and can be retrieved for audit purposes.

Multi-Tier Approval Structure

Opensoft eLeave is designed to support up to 3 tiers of leave approval. For example, if the leave application of certain employees need to be approved by multiple approving heads, the leave request will be automically forwarded from one approval level to the next, until it reaches the final approving level. The eLeave system will show the pending requests at every approval level.

Carry-Forward Leave

Opensoft eLeave caters to companies with carry-forward policies. Unconsumed leave can be carried forward (whether in full or partially) to the next calendar year. This feature is customised according to your organisation’s HR policy. At the expiry of a calendar year, the Opensoft eLeave system will automatically compute and transfer all valid leave balances for each employee. There is no manual administration involved, saving HR the time and hassle and avoid processing errors.

70% PSG grant

Government Grants

Opensoft eLeave is one of the software under the OpensoftHR Solution Package which has been Pre-Approved for up to 70% PSG grant (Productivity Solutions Grant). For more information, please contact us or refer to:

Department Leave Calendar

All approved leave requests are marked in the Department Leave Calendar. This calendar is a visual tool that enables department to track the status of their manpower without having to trouble the HR department. For example, the department secretary will know the availability of key personnnel at any time, and be more effective at scheduling meetings, appointments and events. For production and manufacturing companies, the Department Leave Calendar can provide useful insights to avert potential manpower shortages.

Generate Reports

With eLeave, management can generate a reports of the leave usage for the entire organisation. The reports can be generated for an individual employee, department or whole organisation. Such reports are useful when it comes to performance assessments. Management gets a good overview of the company and have timely information to make prompt decisions. With Opensoft eLeave, HR can minimise time and efforts involved in gathering data for management reporting.

Seamless Opensoft Integration

Our eLeave can be integrated seamlessly with the following Opensoft solutions:

  • Payroll software
  • Time & Attendance system
  • eRoster

For example, when eLeave is integated with Payroll, Time Attendance and eRoster, all approved leave requests are sent to all three systems. Data integrity is maintained across all the systems and eventually payroll processing becomes fully automated.


Opensoft eLeave – A paperless, web-based, online leave management solution for SME

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