6 Reasons why you should move to Cloud HR Software

Opensoft HRMS

1. Cloud Security

A Cloud HR Software allows for a centralized data security platform, which makes it easier for OpensoftHR to stay on top of any potential risks that may occur.

2. Sync Directly to IRAS

With OpensoftHR Cloud Software, you no longer need to keep downloading excels and then upload again onto IRAS.

3. Mobile Friendly

Now your employees can easily submit claims, request for leave, clock in attendance and more using their own mobile phones.

4. Access Anywhere

Forgot anything? Instead of going back to your office to use your HR Desktop Software or Excel, you can now access your HRMS Platform anytime, anywhere.

5. Generate Reports On Multiple Devices

Instead of just relying on your desktop, you can now use your phone or tablet to view and generate your HR reports within seconds.

6. No More Wasted Space On Your Desktop

Converting to OpensoftHR Cloud HRMS software means that you will free up plenty of space on your desktop. That’s always a win!