Unlocking Efficiency: Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control Solutions

Biometrics, a term that refers to the measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics of individuals for the purpose of identification or authentication. These characteristics can include fingerprints, iris patterns, facial features, and voice patterns.., stands at the forefront of modern authentication and security systems. 

Such traits may include fingerprints, iris patterns, facial features, and voice patterns. Biometric systems utilize specialized sensors and algorithms to capture and convert these traits into digital data for comparison and verification, ensuring secure access to systems, facilities, or devices.

Benefits of Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication presents plenty of advantages over traditional methods like punch cards, passwords or PINs:

Enhanced Security

Leveraging individuals’ unique physical or behavioral traits makes it significantly harder for unauthorized users to gain access, mitigating the risks associated with forgotten, stolen, or hacked passwords.


Biometric authentication simplifies the authentication process, eliminating the need for users to remember passwords or carry physical tokens like access cards or keys.

Reduced Fraud

The uniqueness and difficulty of replicating biometric traits drastically reduce the risk of fraud compared to traditional method.


Biometric authentication offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, particularly beneficial for individuals struggling with complex authentication processes.

Enhanced Accountability

Biometric authentication facilitates effective tracking and tracing of user activities, enhancing accountability and reducing the likelihood of insider threats.

Customization and Flexibility

Biometric authentication systems can be customized to meet diverse security requirements and user preferences, allowing for the implementation of multi-factor authentication solutions.


Biometric authentication systems are highly scalable, making them suitable for deployment across various environments and industries.

Integration with Emerging Technologies

Integration with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning enhances accuracy, usability, and security, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving threats.

Biometrics vs Punch Cards And Other Traditional Methods

Traditional time attendance systems, such as access cards and punch-in cards, are susceptible to abuse and fraud. Biometric time clocks, like Virdi’s biometric fingerprint clocking system devices, offer unparalleled security by eliminating the possibility of employees punching in for one another. Biometric traits, being difficult to replicate, ensure the integrity of time attendance data and eliminate fraudulent activities.

Facial Biometric Access Control

OpensoftHR Time Attendance has partnered with UBIO Facial Recognition Systems to make use of advanced facial recognition technology to provide a seamless and highly secure process when it comes to clocking in and out of your office premises.

Facial recognition technology is revolutionizing access control systems, offering heightened security and convenience. Biometric door locks, coupled with expert installation services, provide authorized personnel seamless access to secured areas using their unique biometric credentials, eliminating the need for keys or access cards.

Biometric Attendance and Payroll Management System

Partnering with leading biometric device providers VIRDI Biometric Devices and UBIO Facial Recognition Systems, Opensoft Time & Attendance offers seamless integration with VIRDI biometric devices. The system retrieves attendance data directly, streamlining payroll processing and ensuring accurate salary computation based on employees’ time-in and time-out credentials. The integration of advanced fake fingerprint detection technology mitigates fraud and reduces payroll costs for companies.

Additionally, payroll processing will be much more efficient because OpensoftHR eAttendance can be customised to transfer time and attendance data into the OpensoftHR Payroll Software (or any supporting existing payroll software) whereby salary can be computed automatically for each employee based on their time-in and time-out credentials.

Biometric Access Control System Price

At OpensoftHR, we offer comprehensive biometric time attendance solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. Our partnership with Virdi Biometric Devices enables us to provide a wide range of biometric devices, including fingerprint scanners, facial biometric access control, and iris scanners, ensuring accurate, secure, and efficient workforce management solutions. 

We offer bundled packages that are catered to your company’s needs and our packages are eligible for the Productivity Solutions Grant.


Biometric solutions are transforming the landscape of time attendance and access control systems, offering unparalleled security, convenience, and efficiency. 

At OpensoftHR, our integrated approach combines cutting-edge biometric devices with sophisticated time attendance software, delivering accurate, secure, and efficient workforce management solutions.

Contact us today for a free demo and quotation, and embark on a journey towards optimized security and efficiency in your business operations.