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OpensoftHR Starter E-Leave is dedicated to small business owners looking to empower employees’ self-service and better manage their workforce.

Employees can apply/cancel leave and check on approval anywhere, anytime.
Insightful Reports
Ease of generating Management Reports such as ‘Leave by Month’ or ‘Year-to-date Summary’.
Department Leave Calendar
All leave are marked in a Leave Calendar, providing useful insights to minimise potential manpower shortages.
Carry-Forward Leave
Unconsumed leave can be carried forward (whether in full or partially) to your next calendar year.
Configurable Leave Policies
Easy setup of your company’s policy, rules, and methods of computing leave types.

Instant Reminders
Get instantly notified when an employee applies for leave.
Automated Backup
All backups can be kept for an unlimited period of time as required.
Customise-able Leave Type
Birthday Leave? No problem! Opensoft e-Leave allows you to customise all aspects of any leave type.
Data Integration
Seamless Synchronisation of Data across Modules.
Productivity Gain
Knowing everyone’s leaves reduces unforeseeable circumstances and hence increases productivity.